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Let's Talk About Sunscreens!

Part I

Sunscreen Considerations: ​Chemical vs. Mineral

The FDA has found absorption of some of the  chemicals from sunscreens into our bodies beyond the allowed amount of 0.5 ng/ml. Their effect is unknown. The chemicals of concern are:


         avobenson                 ecamsule                octocrylate               octisalate                 oxibenzone       

Mineral sunscreens include the ingredients titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide. When applied, they do not enter the body but absorb UV rays. Chemical sunscreens absorb the UV rays and can be absorbed into the body.

More studies will be done but in the meantime, continue using your sunscreen for protection.

You can ALSO:

  1. Wear clothing and hats manufactured for sun protection

  2. Avoid peak UV times of the day (11am -2pm)

  3. Take advantage of shady areas when you can

  4. Wear sunglasses that offer UV protection

  5. Begin to wear hats if you have thinning or loss of hair 

Let's Talk About Sunscreens!

Part II Coming!


Answer . . . 

The 2nd and 3rd women will - due to prolonged traction (pull) from their twists/braids as well as pinning of the knots to the scalp. The hair of the model in the middle appears to be thinning already with widely spaced parts showing on her scalp. All have natural hair but the first model has no pull or traction on the follicles. This allows for continued health (no inflammation) of the scalp and nourishment with a good blood supply to the hair bulbs. With time, her hair will show some thinning with age but no excessive hair loss or balding. 

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